Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Orientation Week cost?
Here’s the great thing, the cost for all the basic programming is covered in your student fees. However, the Commuter Orientation and your meals are not included in this package. Residents can use their meal plans and Commuters will have the option to purchase a commuter meal plan.

Is attendance mandatory for Orientation Week?
You’ve already paid for Orientation, so you might as well come check it out. You don’t have to stay for the whole week but we sincerely think you will find our events useful, informative, and fun. There are a lot of activities planned to address a wide variety of  interests. Besides, when else do you get a week in school without homework and tests? Take advantage of Orientation and get used to your new environment before the semester starts.

Where will I be staying during Orientation Week?
Vic is very proud to be able to provide residence accommodations for all students participating in Orientation Week. Commuters have the option of requesting a room in one of the Victoria College residences for the week. These students will be sharing a room with one or two residence students.

Will I meet people from other colleges?
You definitely will! The Orientation Executives have made a special effort to join with other colleges and faculties in offering events. You can party with the Faculty of Music first years at the Wacky Tacky Boat Cruise, and meet some first year Innis College students at our shared lunch.

What is Residence Orientation?
This program is designed to give first year residence students the opportunity to adjust to campus living, interact with floor mates, and meet their Dons before the upper year students return to residence. It gives the residence Dons a chance to share important information and give “insider tips” on making the most of university life. Commuter students staying in residence during Orientation Week are expected to participate in the Sunday Residence Orientation events.

Is there any faculty involvement during the week?
Yes, be sure to look at our program descriptions in the mailing book. Events with faculty involvement include a President’s Coffeehouse, a mock lecture, and faculty-hosted luncheons.

What do “LGBTTIQQ2S” and “Ally” mean?
LGBTTIQQ2S: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Intersexed, Queer, Questioning, and 2-Sprited.
Ally: anyone – straight or not – who supports the LGBTTIQQ2S community or any of their members.

I do not have a question right now, but what if I have one later?
No problem – we love questions! If anything comes up, please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at the VUSAC office at 416-585-4473.