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This section lists different words, phrases and abbreviations that might come up during Orientation Week or your time at Victoria College.  Hover over the letters and take a look! If you have any questions or comments, email them to vic.orientation@utoronto.ca (or ask a leader during Orientation Week!)


Acta Victoriana: Victoria College’s very own literary journal.  Students submit literary works and art and those that are chosen are published.

Annesley Hall: Abbreviated “Annesley”.  Located on Queen’s Park Crescent, this residence is for girls only.  Fun Fact: no two rooms are the same in the residence!


Bay Street: The street bordering Victoria College’s east side. Home of the Manulife Centre: includes an Indigo, the Bloor Street Market grocery store,  a Post Office and a Tim Horton’s further north on Bay (open 24/7 – for those long study sessions!).

BC: See “Birge-Carnegie Building”.

BG: See “Bowles-Gandier House”.

Birge-Carnegie Building: The building found at the south corner of Charles St. W. and Queen’s Park Crescent (where Charles St. W. ends). This building used to be the hub of Student Life at Vic, but now is home to Law Students during renovations at the Faculty of Law (which is across the street!)

Bloor Street: The street the runs east-west on the north side of Victoria College.

Bowles-Gandier House: A lower Burwash house found farthest south. Vic One students are given top priority in this house.


Cat’s Eye: A student lounge and event location for many Orientation Week events. Over the course of the year, the Cat’s Eye hosts activities and events, including pool tournaments, movie nights, pub nights, and more! The Cat’s Eye also has a Games Room, with air hockey, pool, pinball, foosball, and DDR! It’s located in the basement of the Goldring Student Center!

Caffiends: Victoria College’s own fair trade cafe. Volunteer run, this is one of Vic’s levies (see “Levy Receiver”). Pay them a visit in Old Vic and don’t forget to bring your own mug and a loonie, because coffee’s only $1!

Caven House: A lower Burwash House.

Charles Street West: The street cutting through Vic Campus.  Years ago this was the dividing line between the men’s and women’s buildings.  It is a one-way street moving west, but always look both ways when crossing!

Colleges: A system of organizing students used by the University of Toronto based on a similar system at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.  Students are separated into colleges where they have access to various services (registrars, student governments, tutors, etc.).  Colleges are mainly administrative and social because the majority of academic responsibilities rests with the faculties.  Most colleges have programs which they promote and help fund – the Vic One program is an excellent example of this.

College Street: The street bordering the south side of U of T St. George Campus. It features 24-hour street car service.

Commuter: Any student not living in residence is deemed a commuter. Whether you live just off campus, a lengthy TTC ride, or any combination of transit systems away, commuters make up the majority of Victoria College so know that you are not alone!

Commuter Don:: A Commuter Don is an upper-year student who serves as a Don for Commuters! If you have any problems or questions about anything, you can talk to them!

CLC (Campus Life Coordinator): A member of the Dean’s Office who works on all matters related to campus life. The CLC also plays a role in Orientation – as the other Co-Chair! Our CLC is Emily Gilbert!


Don: A Don is an upper-year student supervising a residence floor or house. If you have any problems or questions about anything at all while you are living in residence, your Don is who you should go to! We also have Commuter Dons! (See: “Commuter Don”)


E. J. Pratt Library: Abbreviated as “Pratt.” One of Victoria University’s libraries. Located at the south end of the quad. Fun Fact: you can see natural light from anywhere inside this building.

Emmanuel College: A graduate theological college that together with Victoria College forms Victoria University. Located on the southeast side of campus, Emmanuel College is connected to the Birge-Carnegie building.


Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association: The student association involved with all aspects of undergraduate life for those studying music at U of Ts Faculty of Music.

First Base: Refers to the first floor and basement of Margaret Addison Hall. This is the Arts and Culture floor and the Don of First Base helps produce Vic’s Annual Variety Show.

Floor: A term used to identify where residence rooms are located in a building. Depending on the building, there may be one Don for each floor or for more than one floor.

FMUA: See “Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association.”


Gate House: One of the upper Burwash houses. Easily recognized as the Burwash “tower”. Until recently this was an all male residence.


Houses: A term used to identify the building separations in the Burwash residences. Each House has one Don. Other residences (Rowell Jackman, Annesley and Margret Addison Hall) are named by floor.


Info Hub (Orientation Week only): Located in the the Goldring Student Center, the Info Hub will be where you can fill up your water bottle, check out what event is going on at that time, and also chat with leaders.

Innis College: A College located on St. George Street on the west side of campus which traditionally collaborates with Vic on a few Orientation events. Often Vic students will be heard chanting “Vic loves Innis!” while Innis students reply with “Innis loves Vic!”


Alas, Vic is devoid of Js.


We seem to be lacking in Ks as well.


Lester B. Pearson Garden of Peace and Understanding: A garden located at the south side of Vic Campus, surrounded by the lower Burwash houses and E. J. Pratt Library. Named after a famous Victoria College alumnus.

Levy Receiver: A student organization that caters to a particular interest. On Vic Campus they receive a levy from your student fees.  Levy receivers include the VCAA, the Strand, VCDS, The Cat’s Eye, WUSC, Caffiends, Acta Victoriana, and The Victoriad. Check out the VUSAC page on Levy Receivers for more information!

Lower Burwash: Burwash residence houses located around the Peace Garden at the bottom of the stairs, south of upper Burwash.


Marg Ad: See “Margret Addison Hall.”

Margaret Addison Hall: The tall, curved residence building located on the north side of Charles St. beside the Wymilwood Building and the Margret Addison field. Although originally an all girls residence Marg Ad is now proudly co-ed.

Margaret Addison Hall Front Desk: Victoria College’s 24-hour residence services desk. If you lose a key, have a problem with your room, need to load up your laundry key, or have any questions and concerns, they are the ones to go to! Located on the first floor of Margaret Addison Hall and open to all students, not only those living in Margaret Addison Hall. A special note for commuters: Commuter Meal Plans are purchased here!

Middle House: One of the upper Burwash houses.


Nelles House: One of the lower Burwash houses. Named after a former influential president of Victoria University.

New College: A college found on the southwest side of U of T campus.

North House: One of the upper Burwash houses. The one found closest to Charles St. W. and joined to Burwash Dining Hall.


Old Ontario Strand: Victoria College’s school song.

Old Vic: See “Victoria College Building.”


Peace Garden: See “Lester B. Pearson Garden of Peace and Understanding.”

Penthouse: Refers to the sixth and top floor of Margaret Addison Hall.

Pratt: See “E. J. Pratt Library.”

Pro Fac: See “Professional Faculty.”

Professional Faculty: Faculties outside of the Faculty of Arts and Science, including the faculties of Applied Science and Engineering, Music, and Physical Education and Health.


Quad: See “quadrangle.”

Quadrangle: The eye-catching courtyard surrounded by the Burwash Dining Hall, Burwash residences and Old Vic, located at the centre of Vic Campus. This is where many Orientation Week events take place. The Stage will be located here!

Queen’s Park North: The large park located southwest of Vic Campus. Featuring wonderful statues, enormous squirrels, and tons of foliage – it’s a great spot to spend a lazy autumn afternoon. Always be careful crossing the road!

Queen’s Park Crescent: The round road surrounding the Ontario Legislature buildings (Queen’s Park South) and the actual park (Queen’s Park North.)


Robarts Library: The largest library at the University of Toronto. Located on the corner of St. George St. and Harbord St., this building is where you can get your T-Card. Due to its controversial appearance as either a turkey or a peacock, it’s  hard to miss!

Rowell Jackman Hall: A Victoria College residence building located on the south side of Charles St. W., beside the Burwash residences. The residences in this building are suite-style.

Ryerson House: One of the lower Burwash houses.


St. Mary Street: The street that ends just behind Rowel Jackman Hall up to Gate House. It is a dividing line between Victoria College and St. Michael’s College.

St. Michael’s College: The only College sharing a border with Victoria College. Located south of Victoria College.

Sid Smith: See “Sidney Smith Hall.”

Sidney Smith Hall: Abbreviated “Sid Smith”, or “SS.” A building located on St. George St., south of Robarts Library. This is a building in which many students have classes, tutorials or meetings. It houses several student groups, including the History Students Association and Arts and Science Student Union. It is also a great place to hang out and grab a coffee from either the Second Cup in the main lobby or  Sid’s South Side Cafe.

Sid’s South Side Cafe: A great food option in the center of campus inside Sidney Smith Hall. It offers a Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza, Grill Works, and more. Food plans are available for this eatery.

South House: One of the upper Burwash houses.

Spadina Avenue: The street bordering U of T’s west side.

Stephenson House: Student co-operative housing located at the far east side of Vic Campus.

The Strand: The Victoria College newspaper.

Student Number: The number found on your T-Card. Make sure you remember this, because you will be putting it on tests and assignments!


T-Card: Your student identification card. Get this from Robarts Library as soon as possible! This piece of identification is required at every exam as well as for taking out books from any of the U of T libraries.

Trinity College: The College located on Hoskin Avenue in the centre of U of T campus, just north of Hart House.

TTC: See “Toronto Transit Commission.”

Toronto Transit Commission: Toronto’s public transit system offering the subway, street cars, and buses. The TTC can get you anywhere you need to be in Toronto for $3.00.


Upper Burwash: The Burwash houses found farthest north, surrounding the quadrangle (the quad), stopping at the staircase leading to the Peace Garden courtyard. Composed of four houses: North, Middle, Gate, and South. This was the residence where Lester B. Pearson stayed while studying at Victoria College.

University College: The College located on King’s College Circle, in the centre of U of T campus.

University of Toronto Students’ Union: The central union for all students at the University of Toronto. The union organizes various student benefits and also helps with student and university life. You can thank them for our discounted TTC passes!

U.T.S.U.: See “University of Toronto Students’ Union”.


The Varsity: U of T’s largest newspaper.

Varsity Stadium: The world-class stadium located on Bloor Street on the north side of campus. Games are held throughout the year so check out its schedule!

VC: Abbreviation for Victoria College Building (Old Vic).

VCAA: See “Victoria College Athletics Association.”

VCDS: See “Victoria College Drama Society.”

Victoria College Athletics Association: “For anyone remotely interested in athletics at Vic! The VCAA organizes the intramurals throughout the year, which is an awesome way to meet people, be active, try something new, and have fun.  Check out http://www.uoftintramurals.ca to find the sports you want to play and sign up in September with us for the teams you’re interested in.  We also organize different events throughout the year, such as paintballing, Raptors games, and fundraising events, so “like” us on Facebook – VCAA (Victoria College Athletic Association – to stay updated with all the happenings.  Drop by our office (63 Charles St W; Room 1 – First Floor) come September or in the meantime feel free to shoot us an email (vic.athletics@gmail.com) with what you’re thinking!”

Victoria College Building: Abbreviated “VC” on maps. Aptly named “Old Vic” by all the Victoria College students, the Victoria College Building is a Romanesque “revival” building built in 1892. It is at the centre of Vic campus and is complimented nicely by the nearby Ontario Legislature buildings which were designed by the same architect. It’s Victoria College’s very own giant pink castle.

Victoria College Drama Society: The student group at Vic that organizes plays, musicals and other dramatic showings throughout the year. Their office is located at 63 Charles Street West.

Victoria Off-Campus Association: The student group at Vic that organizes events for commuter students. Look out for their once a week free pancake breakfasts.

Victoria University Student Administrative Council: Vic’s student council. VUSAC’s roles include organizing events, distributing funding for levies, clubs and other student initiatives, and dealing with questions relevent to Victoria’s student body. They are there to represent your opinion so feel free to drop by their office in the Birge-Carnegie building to ask a question or share a suggestion. If you are interested in being part of the Council look out for the Member-at-Large elections in September – 2 positions are reserved for first year students.

VOCA: See “Victoria Off-Campus Association.”

VUSAC: See “Victoria University Student Administrative Council.”


Woodsworth College: The College located on the northwest corner of campus.

Wymilwood Building: The building found between Margaret Addison Hall and attached to Annesley Hall.

Not a single X in sight.

Yorkville: The ultra-chic, super-expensive, high-class neighbourhood on Victoria College’s north border (north of Bloor Street).


Nothing to see here, folks.