Wacky Tacky Fashion Show

Remember those weird pants that… just don’t seem to go with anything? Or those neon bright shirts that didn’t work out as Hallowe’en clothes?… Yeah. I wonder what I buy sometimes, too (I sit in misery as I think about the fact that I paid for those…). BUT GUESS WHAT? We’ve got just the event for them!! The Wacky Tacky Fashion Show!! Be prepared to strut your stuff with your wackiest attire on, of course.

Aren’t you totally glad you kept those clothes now? With such a perfect occasion, be proud wearing those neon green zebra print shorts like I am. Just remember to have fun!

Also, don’t feel offended or bad about what you wear. I remember wearing my leopard print tights-although how I wore them was quite tacky, they are one of my favourite pair of tights. What’s so awesome now is that when I’m wearing my tights, all I can think about is the Wacky Tacky Boat Cruise: dancing the night away with the Exec, Leaders and Frosh, not caring how crazy we looked (and trust me. We looked amazing).

Wear what you think is wacky, or tacky, or bold, or retro, or bright or just plain funny! This night is all about having fun, wearing clothes you haven’t seen in ages, and dancing the night away on the boat cruise!

Even if you forget to bring some crazy clothes, please don’t feel like you shouldn’t come out! Join us in your frosh shirts, or you can pick up something in the quad. During the fashion show, we’ll have some clothes out that you can borrow!

All the media leaders will be present, so whether you’re parading down the runway, or posing in front of the photo booth (the backdrop) be sure to get your picture taken!

Can’t wait to see your crazy outfits,
Susan Wang