a visual tour pt. 1

Hey all! So, the reason for the larger gap between this post and last was that I decided to do a visual tour of Vic, which took a little bit of time to plan. What I mean is, I basically planned out a little route of the college, and walked around and took pictures! Jennifer Banh, another member of the exec team, lent me her time and considerable skill in taking these pictures (so, yes, that means I didn’t actually TAKE a single picture, she did it all, hehe), so much thanks to her! Anyway, let’s go!

I should start by saying, when I come to Vic (from my home in Scarborough, as I commute and have never lived in res), I *usually* come via Museum station. What better place to start than Museum?

I know, I know…the station doesn’t look that nice. In fact, if you look closely, you can see some caution tape at the bottom of the stairs…but, whatever, it’s the summer. They’re doing some minor repairs to that side of the exit from the station, so….woo! Next stop: Vic! I was debating whether we wanted to take a picture of the inside of the station, but its kind of dreary. The actual platform is nice, but then I would have had to actually pay a fare to go down there. Thinking back, Jennifer actually has a Metropass…so I guess she could have taken one…oh well. The columns and what-have-you in Museum are actually pretty cool…well, they’re better now than they were 20 years ago, so my mom tells me (she went to Vic).

When you turn around, and walk out of Museum, one of the first things you’ll see is this sign. Welcome to Victoria University! Fun fact: Victoria University encompasses both Victoria College AND Emmanuel College, the college that is attached to the Birge-Carnegie building. I know, it’s a little confusing…but, just tell people you go to Vic…I’m sure they’ll know what you mean. The next picture was going to be of Charles Street, the MAIN street that Vic is spread out along, buuuut, I decided not to include it since the main feature of the picture was a lot of cars. Maybe we’ll take another pic and stick in here later! The last pic…just too many cars. It WAS rush hour, though.

Walking down Charles from the sign, you’ll come across this building. This is a view of Annesley Hall (from the side), from the side of the street we were standing on. Annesley is actually an all-girls residence, and I believe it has always been that way. As I mentioned before, my mom used to go to Vic (Professor Reibetanz, btw, used to be her English prof…and he was MY prof last year!! Crazy.), and she said this was the one place she stayed in. I’ve been inside a few times, and it’s pretty nice! I mean, honestly, I think ALL the residences are nice, having always lived at home…but, what can you do. You can kind of see a door near the beige car in the picture…that’s actually the way to the VCDS Props Room, where they build all the sets for all the plays here at Vic!

I’m in this picture…woo! I’m actually in a lot of these pictures (well, not a lot, but still), so…be prepared! It was nice, it was supposed to rain, and then the sun came out when we were taking these pictures. Huzzah! Anyway, this is the old Wymilwood building. When you guys come to Vic, there will be nothing in this building (actually, there’s nothing in it now). It USED to house all sorts of things, such as VUSAC, The Strand, VCDS, VCAA…but, due to the Goldring Centre (which will be completed before you graduate in four years), the building has been closed, and all the things inside moved elsewhere. It has been such a huge part of Vic (and it’s also a really big building hehe), we figured we might as well take a picture of it =P It’s right next to Annesley, btw.

Ah, another residence. This one is Margaret Addison Hall, and this picture is taken from the corner of the driveway that leads towards the front of the building. On the other side of those trees there is Marg Ad field as everyone likes to call it, a small little field where people play frisbee, or football, or soccer…really anything that comes to their mind. It’s a nice place to hang out, and people do that quite frequently. Beware, however, as there is a private school nearby, and the little children are quite noisy, especially early in the morning, so I’m told…=P Their school is actually in the building in the background, which is called the Colonnade…it’s a fast way to get to Bloor, as you can walk through the lobby of that building. woo for shortcuts!

Ah, Burwash Dining Hall. This is the dining hall for the entirety of the Victoria College residences. Yes, I know, it’s called BURWASH Dining Hall, but that’s just because it’s attached to Burwash! If you look at the picture, you can see the archway near the bottom-left corner, where the metal gate is, and that leads into the quad, which we’ll see from another angle in a few pictures (my route was very circuitous, in order to get pictures of all the major buildings, hehe). The building to the LEFT of that archway is actually North House; that wooden door there leads right into the building. So, yuppp, North House is closest to Burwash, as well as being closest to Charles St…of the Houses within Upper and Lower Burwash.

I just added this in because it looked cool. I was also going to say, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the names of all the houses…well, maybe the upper houses, but that’s for a very simple reason: they’re easy to remember. I mean, it’s literally just North, Middle, Gate and South House(s). Not that hard to remember…whereas all the lower houses are stuff like Ryerson….well, actually, that’s the only one I remember. I DO know that the first year house is called ‘Bowles-Gandier’, or BG for short. Again, I’ve never lived in res, I’ve only heard these things from what my friends have told me. A good majority (but not all) of the exec have lived in res…but, alas, I am not a part of that group. <3 Scarlem.

Anyway, this post is getting a bit long, and I have quite a bit more photos to talk about. We literally only talked about 7 photos today, and I have…let’s see….20+ more to go? Jeez, I actually didn’t think it was that much…I guess we’ll be doing this in three parts, then. Ah well. Come back next week for the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ version, it’ll be awesome!

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  1. Marika

    Shoaib!!! I knew it was you! I was thinking hmm… Scarborough… then I saw the photo! hahahahaha Awesome :) Take pics inside the residences!

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