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Hey all! Sorry for not updating in a while; I forget if I’ve mentioned this, but I am involved with VUSAC for the upcoming school year (so the 2011-2012 year), and so because of that, this past week has been rife with meetings. On top of that, I lost my voice…although, I DID learn that honey + lemon is both tasty and good for your throat! You would think that some time among 21 years of living, I’d have learned that already….but, ah well, I digress.

When we last left off, I was talking about VUSAC and the various clubs and levies that are around Vic. It’s always a challenge to be motivated to get involved when you make the jump to the post-secondary world (goodness knows I was super involved in high school, and yet, did nearly nothing in first year because I was a little reluctant/nervous), and so it’s our jobs as the exec team to make sure you guys are all prepared for what lies ahead! You’ll hear this a LOT, so bear with me, but honestly….university is not as daunting as you might think it is, and it will (in all likelihood) be some of the most fun times you can have. I’ve met some absolutely wonderful people who I would have never otherwise met had I not come to Vic, let alone UofT, and it’s changed my life.

But, enough serious stuff (=P). The title of this post involves profs…or, full term, professors. When I thought of professors when I was coming out of high school, I imagined all of my profs to be stodgy old men who were out of touch with the real world. Now, I HOPED my profs would be a little more like good ol’ Dr. Henry Jones…Jr (see: image…awww yeah), but, I guess we can’t have everything we hope for. I won’t lie to you; SOME professors are definitely super boring, and unfortunately everyone will get a few like that. What makes UofT (and university in general, really) so great, however, is that for professors to attain their position in the first place, it means they kind of have to know what they’re talking about. In order to get that far in their craft, they probably also have to LIKE what they’re talking about. Again, yes, you’ll get the odd prof who is just cranky all the time, but….that doesn’t happen too often.

I figured I would share with you two stories that have happened to me over the course of university, one of which actually happened in first year. I’m majoring in English and Political Science, but both of these stories happened in two separate English classes. The first happened in 1st year; I was sitting in the Isabel Bader Theatre, where classes frequently take place, and it was the course entitled ‘Narrative’ (for the life of me I cannot remember the course code =P). Professor Jeremy Lopez was the instructor…and man, this guy looked like Steve Carell. It was uncanny! Anyway, I go to class, and the syllabus indicated that we were talking about narrative within popular media and popular fiction….so, Professor Lopez decides it was a good idea to study the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’, as well as the novel ‘Twilight’. As an English prof….Lopez did not have nice things to say about ‘Twilight’, and needless to say, it was very entertaining.

The other story was slightly less academic-related, and just goes to show that some profs have a sense of humour. Professor Daniel Justice, of ENG239H1 (I think that was the course code…it was ‘Fantasy and Horror’, which coincidentally I took with fellow exec member Christianne Johnson), told us a prank he was planning on playing on the class next semester (when we weren’t in it any more). The class we were on, he had been planning on explaining the difference between ‘horror’ and ‘terror’, and to illustrate his point, he was planning on hiring several clowns to simply come into the lecture hall, and walk around…stare at people…sit next to them…but not say a word. Of course, he and the Teaching Assistants (TAs) were going to continue along as if nothing was happening….I think that’s hilarious, though I’m sure the people who were afraid of clowns didn’t =P

I have plenty of other stories from awesome professors, but the bottom line is that when professors care about their craft, you care in turn, and you do well in the class. It’s definitely possible to do well even if that’s not the case, it’s just EASIER.

Before I end this post, I’d like to acknowledge the comments that I’ve read so far…I love reading comments! They’re awesome! Let’s see…I saw X-Men: First Class, and, honestly, it’s absolutely amazing. I love comic book movies more than the average person, but my goodness, that was a fantastic movie. Also, the youtube video from Nicolas Cage?! Hilarious! Here’s one of MY fav. Nick Cage videos: Hehehe…oh Mr. Cage. Your acting is so priceless. Thanks for reading guys, I’ll catch you next time!!

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  1. Simone

    The classes you took with Professor Jeremy Lopez and Professor Daniel Justice sound so interesting! I hope they’re still running. :) I don’t recall seeing them in the book I was looking at .. but then again, I didn’t look too closely!

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