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I’m still not sure exactly how many people read this blog (as in, people who are not my friends already, hehe)…I’m working on that, by the way, we’ll get a stats counter thing all up in here soon! But, yes, because I’m not sure how many people read this, I’ll talk briefly about a few things about getting involved with student life at Vic. When I say ‘getting involved’, goodness knows that there are dozens and dozens of ways to become part of the clubs, councils, and all the different student groups on campus. You’ll definitely find out a LOT more about that during the actual Orientation Week itself, but I wanted to take a moment and let you know from my point-of-view.

First of all, what gave me the inspiration to briefly talk about this was actually the speakers that are in the VUSAC office. VUSAC, which stands for the ‘Victoria University Student Administrative Council’, is essentially Vic’s student council. Every college and faculty has one, and together they represent the variety of opinions of the thousands of students that are here at U of T! Every year the President of VUSAC sits on the O-Week exec team, and this year it’s Brandon Bailey, a friend of mine. Anyway, I was in the office, and I found that the wires to the speakers had accidentally been cut. After an adventure involving an exacto knife, wire strippers, and lots of electrical tape, I managed to fix them…and promptly tested them out by having ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ by Will Smith play. I heard the dulcet tones of Mr. Smith, and knew I had been successful.

ANYway. VUSAC represents your interests to the larger university, and you’ll hear from them on a weekly basis during the school year. During Orientation Week itself, they’ll be wearing green shirts…so be on the lookout if you want to talk to them! They hold elections every fall and spring, and in the fall, there are two positions reserved for first years!

There are always a ton of people coming out of high school who had previously been involved in something, whether it’s the yearbook, or athletic council, or the student council itself, or having been a prefect, or the valedictorian…there are always people who are looking to get involved at the university level. Well, I’m pleased to tell you there is literally something for everyone! We have over 50 clubs at Vic, ranging from the Sci-Fi club, to the Vic Chorus (choir), to Bear Pals (they make teddy bears from scratch to donate overseas), to Humanitas (a journal that collects student-written essays). Evan himself, our illustrious Co-Chair, is the head of a club called ‘A.S.S.S.’, or ‘Alliance of Substandard Silver Screen’…a club where we get to watch bad movies and lol our eyes out. See, to your right: Shark Attack 3. (Also, you should ask Evan about Nicolas Cage sometime. Seriously, do it.)

We also have the levies, clubs that have the special status of being something of an important pillar to the Victoria College community, such as the VCAA (Athletic Association), VCDS (Drama Society), Cat’s Eye (student lounge), Caffiends (student-run/operated coffeeshop), Victoriad (yearbook), Acta Victoriana (journal), VicPride! (LGBTQ + Allies group), WUSC (international students resource) and of course, the Strand (student-run/operated newspaper).

There’s so much to do, honestly, and though I’m entering my fourth year, I cannot say I’ve done it all. I’ve done a fair amount, sure, but…there’s still so much left to do!! I hope you all find something you enjoy, and stick with it….and, of course, I hope to see you all at O-Week so we can talk more about this. woo!

P.S. After looking at the trailer for ‘Midnight in Paris’, I must say, it looks pretty sweet. While I cannot help my affinity for watching action-packed movies and watching things blow up on the big screen, I will definitely be adding this one to my list. w00t!

4 thoughts on “getting involved

  1. Andrew

    As an incoming Vic transfer student who is following this blog and as a terrible film aficionado, I am overjoyed to learn that Vic has its own bad movie club.

  2. Pamela

    Would it be sad if I’m the only one who actually reads this? Ha ha ha.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to get involved in U of T especially at Vic because I’m sooooo involved in my high school right now. :D Looks like there’s alot of interesting clubs especially “A.S.S.S” (Sidenote: About Nicholas Cage… I don’t like him)

    I also got around to watching X-Men: First Class on Friday. Can I just say that that movie is absolutely amazing? I love the previous X-Men movies… and it was just… whoa. It wasn’t just action-packed, it had real substance to it. I don’t want to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else.

  3. Holden

    These posts keep getting me more stoked for school. I was very involved in highschool and plan to continue my level of involvement at Vic. I hope you don’t stop writing.
    Here is a Nicolas Cage video I came by a while ago, and it surely doesn’t fail to showcase his talent. It’s an experience like no other, watching him act:

  4. Alev

    midnight in paris was AMAZING! Please go watch it, I loved it!! And i cannot wait to get involved next year,it all sounds so amazing!! Especially that bad film club,so joining that! hahah, thanks for all the info!!

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