What is Orientation?

Welcome to the 2012 Orientation Week website!

Planning for Orientation 2012 is underway – so be sure to check this website often, especially as we head into the summer!

The Present Orientation tab at the top will be updated with all the information concerning Orientation 2012 – however, this website has been updated with a lot of other information about past Orientations and Victoria College as well, so feel free to take a look around!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through the Contact tab at the top, or email us at vic.orientation@utoronto.ca.

To further explain, Orientation Week is your best opportunity to become familiar with Victoria University and its community.  Every year the Orientation Executive strives to provide a wide variety of events that appeal to everyone.  We also continue to offer academic information sessions to help you navigate your first year at university.  From “Your Next Steps: A talk with the Registrar,” to the transitional seminars, you will find everything you  need to become acquainted with academics at the university level.

As one of the larger colleges at U of T, Vic has the resources, dedication and passion to provide some of the greatest parties you’ve ever seen.  Vic is known for having the best Orientation Week at U of T, and this is a tradition we have always been proud of.  With all the events we plan, we’re in no danger of losing our reputation!  Your level of participation is up to you – so check out our current and past schedules under the “Present Orientation” and “Past Orientation” headings.

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